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Corporate Sustainability and Health (SHINE)

Social Sustainability in Trade and Development Policy

A life cycle approach to understanding and managing social risk attributable to production and consumption in the European Union. 

Webinar: NetPositive Sustainability

Explores the value of handprints and how they work in the context of life cycle assessment.

Building NetPositive Enterprises

How can individuals, organizations, and private businesses harness the power of doing more good than harm?

Women and Health: A Cause for Optimism

Rebeca Grynspan explores the UNDP's Sustainable Development Goals after 2015 and how it effects women and health.

Environmental Handprinting (Trim Tab)

It's what we give the the planet when we create change for the better. 

Bridging the Gap Between Health and Environmental Sustainability

How human health and the environment are wholly dependent on each other.

Vitality Institute

The business case for linking workforce and community health, and strategies employers can use for strategic collaboration.

An Introduction to Handprints and Handprinting

Corporate social responsibility is becoming more about healing than avoiding harm.

SHINE Summit 2015 Summary Report: Innovating for NetPositive Impact

Ideas and research to help organizations measure their positive impact in health and the environment.

Hairshirts, Rattlesnakes, and Shoelaces: Toward a Net Positive Movement

Grappling with questions emerging from early practice of NetPositive business.

A One-Page Introduction to Handprints

A quick read to understand the framework for positive impacts.

Handprint-Based NetPositive Assessment

How to conduct your own assessment of handprints.

Handprints of Product Innovation

A case study of handprinting in the automotive industry.

Reporting on Health

A roadmap for investors, companies, and reporting platforms.

A Prize to Inspire a New Generation of Women in Sustainability

The role prizes play in recognizing people who "do good" in this world.

Health and Well-being: A Business Imperative

 Health is pivotal to strategy, operations, and profit.

Well-Being Is Taking Business for a Run

What if growing our people was the true strategic core of the enterprise?

How can companies do business in a way that is healthy for their employees and the planet?

SHINE Co-Directors talk about the 2016 SHINE Summit: Determined to Thrive.

Build a Culture of Health

What are the four ways companies, both large and small, have an impact on health?

Transforming Supply Chain Worker Well-being

Do you wonder about the lives of the people across the globe who make our clothes?

The SHINE Summit (video)

Attendees talk about why the SHINE Summit is indispensable to their work in corporate sustainability and health.

How conscious business leaders are rethinking wellness at work

A growing number of experts and companies have begun to redefine what wellness at work can and should mean.