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Healthy and Sustainable Food

An Orchard and A Passion: A Visit with Eric Chivian '68

Dr.Eric Chivian on his passion for healthy, sustainable food.

National Geographic Seafood Decision Guide

See how your seafood choices affect your health and ocean health.

Fish Out Of Water: Five Ocean Species We Are Eating to Death (Good Lifestyle)

Marine species succumb to unsustainable fishing.

The Harvard Community Garden

The student-run garden on Harvard campus is an experiential learning site for sustainable urban gardening.

Barton Seaver: Sustainable seafood? (TED)

Seafood is a healthier protein, but overfishing is harming our oceans.

Mark Bittman: What's wrong with what we eat (TED)

Mark Bittman weighs in on what's wrong with the way we eat.

Bristol Bay Through a Chef's Senses

Five food leaders traveled to Bristol Bay to learn more about this amazing salmon habitat.

From sea to sushi bar, a system open to abuse (Boston Globe)

The mislabeling of fish that consumers buy is due to lack of regulations.

Cape Ann Fresh Catch

The Cape Ann Fresh Catch CSF looks to rejuvenate one of America’s original small businesses—fishing.

Dirt! The Movie

DIRT! The Movie, tells the amazing and little known story of the relationship between humans and living dirt.

Our Good Earth (National Geographic)

Soil compaction is affecting ability to grow crops.

Is local more nutritious?

The answer, like many having to do with food and nutrition, is a definite, “It depends."

Find sustainable food in your area!

The Eat Well Guide searches more than 25,000 listings.

Healthy Harvest: New England

This pocket-guide profiles fruits and vegetables commonly produced in New England.

Healthy Harvest: Mid-Atlantic

This pocket-guide profiles fruits and vegetables commonly produced in the Mid-Atlantic.

Farming Systems Trial: Rodale

Organic farming proves superior when it comes to maintaining and replenishing the health of the soil.

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture

Stone Barns operates an 80-acre farm and is working to create a healthy and sustainable food system.

Organic Farming Improves Pollination Success in Strawberries

This study evaluated the effect of organic farming on pollination of strawberry plants.

Organic agriculture and the global food supply

In this report, large scale organic food production is shown to be as viable as conventional agriculture.

Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish

What is so sustainable about feeding chicken to fish? Dan Barber's smart and funny Ted Talk that chronicles his pursuit of a sustainable fish.

Healthy and Sustainable Food in Hospitals

Adopting new food policies makes sense for leaders in health.

Healthy Harvest Selector Tool

Use this interactive tool to find out which fruits and vegetables are in-season in your area.

Healthy Harvest: New England

Find out what's in-season in the New England region using the Healthy Harvest Selector Tool.

Save Our Seafood: What's good for us and the oceans (Nutrition Action Healthletter)

How to find fish that protect your health and the oceans.

Barton Seaver: The Personal Side of Sustainability

Our Seafood Sustainability and Health Initiative Director reflects on his approach to sustainability.

Change on the Menu: The Business of Good Food

Webinar explores how to integrate nutrition, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility.

For Delicious, Healthy, and Sustainable Seafood, Think Inside the Can

Sometimes the best options for fish are not in the fresh case.

Moveable Feast Episode 11: Island Creek Oysters, Duxbury, MA

Barton Seaver talks sustainability as he visits an oyster farm and whips up a meal on the beach.

Sustainable Shrimp Farming

Barton Seaver speaks with Living on Earth about techniques U.S. shrimp farmers are using to produce a product with a gentler footprint than most imported shrimp.

Understanding the Connections Between Coastal Waters and Ocean Ecosystem Services and Human Health

A discussion about coastal waters and ocean ecosystem services in the U.S. to understand the impacts on human health. 

Managing Our Nation's Fisheries

Barton Seaver, Director of our Healthy and Sustainable Food program, gave a talk at the third Managing our Fisheries conference in 2013.

Is Organic Milk Better for your Family? (Dr. Oz)

How growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticide residue might affect the health of our children and whether there is evidence that organic is better.

Increasing CO2 Threatens Human Nutrition

A study in Nature finds that staple foods can lose key nutrients when grown in air increasingly rich in carbon dioxide.

Neonicotinoids and Colony Collapse Disorder

This study found a link between Neonicotinoids and Colony Collapse Disorder.

CO2 Can Reduce Food Value (Living on Earth)

This radio segment explores how staple foods can lose key nutrients when grown in air increasingly rich in carbon dioxide. 

Pesticides and Food: Eating Safely and Sustainably

What does recent science tell us? And what factors might consumers keep in mind when trying to set a healthy, affordable meal on the table? 

Making the Perfect (Kid-friendly, Sustainable) Sandwich

Barton Seaver gives kid-friendly tips on how to build an awesome sandwich.

Should Pregnant Women Eat Fish? (Part 1)

Detangling this sometimes-confusing question for pregnant women.

Chemical Exposures and Baby’s Long-term Health (Part 2)

How something that happened to your mother before you were born can influence your life.

Eating Fish While Pregnant—Understanding The Big Picture (Part 3)

Why it's important to look at research findings in the context of what other studies have shown.

How Researchers Determine Benefits & Harm of Fish (Part 4)

Exploring a series of research studies that aim to explain the important role fish plays in early childhood development.

Should Pregnant Women Eat Fish? ... And Other Answers for Educators and Moms-to-Be. A Video Series

The impact of chemical exposures on pregnant women and their babies.

Should Pregnant Women Eat Fish?

Emily Oken from Harvard Medical School helps us understand the impact of fish and mercury on pregnant women and their babies.

Foods For Health

A shopping and cooking guide to help home cooks nourish their families while sustaining the planet. 

Foods For Health (Living on Earth)

How we can eat well, sustainably and mindfully.

Eat: The Story of Food (National Geographic Channel)

A 6-hour miniseries on the evolution of food over the course of humankind.

Testimony to the FDA on the Consumption of Fish

Advice on how to convey the importance of eating fish while avoiding mercury.

Conserve Conversations: Barton Seaver (National Restaurant Association)

Food helps us connect with ecosystems, people, and cultures.

What’s Behind the Collapse of Honeybee Colonies (NYT)

Dr. Eric Chivian's letter to the editor, The New York Times, May 22, 2015.

The Piscivore's Dilemma (Outside)

Should I eat wild fish, farmed fish, or no fish at all? Your guide to sustainably enjoying nature's finest source of protein.

Sustainable Seafood on Campus

A guide for food service operators looking to embrace sustainability through the lens of building a successful business.

EWG's Seafood Calculator

Get your custom seafood list based on your weight, age, gender, and more.

2015 SeaWeb Seafood Summit and Seafood Champion Awards

Barton Seaver featured in the recap video from this global sustainable seafood event.

Human-wrought environmental changes impacting crops and pollinators could harm health of millions

Potential effects of pollinator declines, decreased zinc levels in food.

Food Foolish

The hidden connection between food waste, hunger, and climate change.

Pesticides found in most pollen in Massachusetts

The new findings suggest that neonicotinoids are being used throughout Massachusetts. 

Wasted Food Means Wasted Opportunity to Feed Our Soul

A thought piece by Barton Seaver, a leading voice for sustainable food systems.

The Future of Sustainability in Aquaculture

A glimpse into where the sustainability dialog may be heading in the next 10 years.

Sustainable Holiday Meals

How can we be sustainable on days that are dedicated to indulgence?

Dan Barber: No Food Left Behind

So how about a burger made from leftover juice pulp and a side of pickle butts? We'll take two!

Salmon Farming Doesn’t Need Genetic Modification (NY Times)

Compelling arguments in Barton Seaver's Op-Ed.

Putting the Seafood in Sustainable Food Systems

Seeing fish as part of food system is critical to the human dimensions of management.

A Focus on What We Eat

The Foodbetter Harvard summit aimed to bring wider awareness and understanding of our daily diets.

How the Restaurant Industry Could Change the World

From increasing minimum wage to improving food quality.

Why Aquaculture is Smart Business

Aquaculture allows us to integrate health and civic values into sustainability.

Two If By Sea

Recipes featuring seafood that hasn't been overfished or caught in an environmentally destructive way.

Harvard University Seafood Sustainability Program

We helped develop a seafood purchasing program that balances cost, sustainability, and health.

What’s Killing the Bees?

And how do we make it stop?

Are Pesticides Harmful to Human Health?

Exposures could lead to health effects even in future generations.

Is Organic Food Healthier?

Can reducing the amount of pesticides in our diets lead to better health?

Is Organic Agriculture Better for the Environment?

Industrial agriculture can harm soil and human health.

Organic Agriculture, GMOs, and Human Health

How genetically modified organisms and pesticides impact human health and the environment, with a discussion about the benefits of organic food and agriculture.

Sustainable Fisheries Sustaining Ourselves

Barton Seaver reminds us that, when we talk about 'sustainability,' we are talking about sustaining ourselves.

How to Create Sustainable Seafood

Chef and author Barton Seaver, director of our Sustainable Seafood and Health Initiative, talks about sustainable seafood and the promise of farmed fish and aquaculture.

Q&A with Barton Seaver, author and advocate for seafood sustainability

An interview that explores the conversations about sustainablity throughout the seafood industry.