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Climate, Energy and Health

Mining Coal, Mounting Costs: The life cycle consequences of coal

Coals impacts cost US public over one-half a trillion dollars annually.

Full Cost Accounting for the Life Cycle of Coal

Life cycle impacts of coal cost the US public a third to over one half a trillion dollars annually.

The True Cost of Coal

Press conference with Dr. Paul Epstein on the financial strain caused by different phases of the coal cycle.

Ground Level Ozone and Your Health

A short report on the health implications of rising temperatures and ozone pollution.

Climate Change and Children's Health

Through many pathways, climate change represents a major threat to child health.

A Brain For All Seasons

Paul Epstein reviews William Calvin's book.

A Shade Cooler (The Boston Globe)

Tree covers can help beat the summer heat.

Allergies Worse Than Ever? Blame Global Warming (TIME)

Allergies are on the rise, and it may be because of global warming.

Clean Energy As Stimulus (NYT)

Paul Epstein's letter to the editor, The NY Times, January 21, 2008

Climate change affects health (The Daily Press)

Climate change linked to the recent rise in allergies.

Climate Change Facts (NYT)

Dr. Paul Epstein's letter to the editor, New York Times, February 13, 2010

Climate Change Endangers Public Health in the United States (Huffington Post)

Joint statement on climate change and health.

Climate Change is Hazardous to your Health

The wild and dramatic weather that has caused much destruction is a result of climate change.

Climate Change and Children's Health (EPA)

We can all take steps to protect children's health.

Healthy Solutions for the Low Carbon Economy

Guidelines for Investors, Insurers and Policymakers

The Impact of Climate Change on Child Health

Our children are growing up in an environment altered by climate change.

The Ecology of Climate Change and Infectious Diseases

How climate change has drastically altered weather, and disease patterns globally.

Assesing Climate Stability

How good are our models for measuring climatic stability?

Rising CO2, Climate Change and Public Health: Exploring the Links to Plant Biology

It may not always be obvious, but human health depends on plant health.

Production of Allergenic Pollen by Ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.) Is Increased In CO2-Enriched Atmospheres

More carbon dioxide means more allergies to battle, shows study.

Changing Planet, Changing Health

How the Climate Crisis Threatens Our Health and What We Can Do about It

Climate Change Threatens Health

NRDC Senior Scientist Kim Knowlton explains climate-related health effects.

Climate Change and U.S. Agriculture

The impacts of warming and extreme weather events on productivity, plant diseases, and pests.

Climate Change and Infectious Disease: Is the Future Here?

A myriad of factors affect the spread of any disease, and many are intertwined with climate change.

Infectious Diseases -- Changing Planet

Scientists are researching how climate change may impact the spread of infectious diseases.

Climate change and the distribution and intensity of infectious disease

Unequivocal demonstrations of a causal link between climate change and human infectious diseases are rare.

The Coming Health Crisis

The indirect impacts of climate change, such as water and food scarcity, threaten our well-being.

Global Climate Change and Children's Health: Threats and strategies for prevention

Climate change is increasing the global burden of disease.

Climate change: A threat to our kids’ health

Blog post from pediatrician Dr. Aaron Bernstein.

Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park

Tour the world's greenest skyscraper with the designers Cook+Fox.

Towards a climate friendly built environment

Buildings account for over 40 percent of our nation's carbon dioxide emissions.

Biological Diversity and Medicine

Dr. Aaron Bernstein explains the links between biological diversity, medicine and health (12 min).

Global Climate Change Will Increase Anxiety Fear and Depression

New study notes disorders will rise.

Bringing climate change into global governance

Dr. Epstein's article in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Little can happen in this world without economic support.

Climate Change and Human Health

Paul Epstein writes for Perspective in the NEJM.

James Hansen on Climate Change and Judiciary Responsibility

Dr. Hansen explains the dangerous inertia behind the climate system and why we're only seeing part of the changes that will occur.

Paul Epstein on the true cost of coal

Dr. Epstein at the press conference held before releasing paper on true costs of coal.

Achieving food security in the face of climate change

A new report illustrates the complexity of feeding a growing population.

Oil: A life cycle analysis of its health and environmental impacts

This report examines the health and environmental impacts of oil exploration, drilling, extraction, transport, refining and combustion.

Urban Indicators of Climate Change

Air pollution and climate change are particular problems for
urban centers worldwide.

Extreme Weather Events: The Health and Economic Consequences

A look at the impacts of the 1997/98 El Niño and La Niña

Explore the True Costs of Coal

Use this interactive to explore the economic, health and environmental impacts of coal.

Climate Change Hits Home

Harvard Lectures Online: indoor air pollution is a top risk to public health, and will get worse with climate change.

West Nile and Climate Change

Climatic conditions that amplify diseases that cycle among urban mosquitoes, birds, and humans are warm winters and droughts.

Paul Epstein's Early Work

Dr. Epstein’s recognizes the link between climate change and public health.

In Remembrance: Dr. Paul Epstein Video Series

Video interviews with the late Dr. Paul Epstein.

Paul Epstein Memorial Lecture Series: Al Gore

How can we promote positive, sustainable change across the globe?

Lungs in a Warming World: Climate Change and Respiratory Health (Chest Journal)

How physicians play a vital role in addressing climate change.

Climate: A Medical Model (NYT)

Eric Chivian's letter to the editor, The New York Times, November 22, 2013.

The Earth in a Headlock: The Increase of Infectious Diseases

Dr. Aaron Bernstein speaks with Deutschlandradio about the health effects of climate change.

Assessing Dangerous Climate Change: Required Reduction of Carbon Emissions to Protect Young People, Future Generations & Nature

A prediction that current carbon emissions targets will lead to long-lasting, irreversible damage to the planet--and what we should do about it.

Testimony for a Hearing on the Climate and Health Impacts of Coal

Dr. Jonathan Buonocore provided evidence for a bill that would transition Massachusettes away from coal by 2020.

Biological Diversity and Public Health

Dr. Aaron Bernstein's publication investigates how health and medicine depend on biodiversity.

Estimating Public Health Impacts from Individual Power Plants

This paper can help policy-makers design policies and interventions.

A Landowner's Guide to Hydraulic Fracturing

A resource for landowners who are considering whether to enter into a drilling lease.

Health Co-Benefits of Carbon Standards for Existing Power Plants

Analyzing the clean air and health benefits of power plant carbon standards in the U.S.

Infographics: Health Co-Benefits of Carbon Standards for Existing Power Plants

State-level health benefits hotspots.

How Is Climate Change Affecting Our Health?

The impact of climate change on everything we need to keep us healthy.

Is Climate Change Experiencing a Pause?

No. But how do we know? Dr. James McCarthy helps us understand the ocean's role in global warming.

What Can We Do About Climate Change? Part 1: What We Know

Dr. James McCarthy helps us understand why the Earth is warming, and what that means to us.

What Can We Do About Climate Change? Part 2: Managing Risk

Thinking through the implications of a warming world in our lifetime.

What can we do about Climate Change? Part 3: The 2% Problem

Why solving climate change is within our reach.

What Can We Do About Climate Change? A Video Series

The implications of a warming world in our lifetime, and what we can do about it.

What We Know

Based on the evidence, about 97% of climate scientists agree that human-caused climate change is happening.

Air Pollution Within EPA Standards Affects Our Lungs

We may experience respiratory effects from pollution at levels that are considered to be safe.

Traffic and Children’s Health

Living close to a major roadway during pregnancy may predispose the developing lung to infection in early life.

Climate Change: A Global Threat to Cardiopulmonary Health

The consequences of projected changes in climate, with a focus on cardiopulmonary health.

Public Comment: EPA's Clean Power Plan

Summarizing the benefits of a strong carbon standard for air quality and human health.

Designing Energy Systems for Health

Dr. Aaron Bernstein on why it is critical to focus on human health when designing a new energy system. 

Tallying Up The High Costs of Extreme Weather (On Point)

Extreme weather and its consequences for the economic bottom line. 

Boston's Wicked Winter: A Case of Climate Extremes

Winter 2015 painted a clear picture of a topsy-turvy climate that is expected to warp further in coming years. 

Air Quality and Climate Change (EHP)

Climate change and air pollution are inextricably intertwined, so fighting one often produces gains against the other.

Dr. Mary Rice Testimony on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Health

"Climate change is becoming the worst public health crisis of modern medicine."

Health Impacts as Earth's Natural Systems Transform

The cumulative impacts of global environmental change on human health.

Pediatrician on how climate change impacts the children he treats

Dr. Aaron Bernstein shares insights from his rounds at Boston Children's Hospital.

Health Benefits of Renewable Energy

How renewable energy is good for your health.

What are the health benefits of renewable energy choices?

Breaks down the science behind our paper on the health benefits of a low carbon energy policy.

Climate Change and the Crystal Ball of Vector-Borne Disease Forecasts

Advances in predicting the emergence of diseases in new locations.

Epstein Energy App for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Estimate the health and climate benefits of wind farms, solar panels, and energy efficiency programs.

El Niño’s Impact on Health and Communities

This segment of PRI’s Science Friday explores El Niño—what it is, why it forms, and its consequences around the world.

Will The New Climate Agreement Get Things Done?

A highlight from the climate change and health forum at the Harvard Chan School.

Call for an Ethical Framework for Climate Services

Principles for both practice and product.

Jack Spengler on 'The Sunny Side of the Street'

An interview with our Director about the environment, our health, and unique aspects of our Center.

Costs and Health Co-Benefits for a U.S. Power Plant Carbon Standard

The first study breaking down the costs and dollar value of health benefits of clean power for the US, by region. Most counties could gain $1m in annual health benefits.

Towards Making Healthy Energy Choices

Promoting the use of health impact assessments for energy policies and projects.

Health and Climate Benefits of Offshore Wind

Offshore wind facilities could save many lives and billions of dollars.

What are the health and climate benefits of offshore wind farms?

An offshore wind farm could power D.C. while saving 50 lives and generating $690M/year in co-benefits.

Q&A: How Climate Change Hurts Health

The public health threats that await humanity if it fails to reverse climate change.

The Environmentalist No. 1: A scientific defense of the environment and health

The future of the environment, and our health, depends on the decisions our elected officials are about to make. It is our obligation as citizens to make sure our voices are heard so those decisions reflect the will of the people.

Health Co-benefits of a Carbon Fee-and-Rebate Bill in MA

It would save lives, avoid heart attacks, and decrease hospitalizations.

Health Benefits of Carbon Fee and Rebate

Jonathan Buonocore talks about our new study.

How Dangerous are Underground Natural Gas Storage Wells?

Our study explores the risks of aging infrastructure throughout the US.