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Sustainable Technologies and Health

Fueling Financial Innovation in the Middle East (Stanford Social Innovation Review)

Diversifying financial tools for social ventures can go a long way in scaling and sustaining impact. 

Green Tech Forum

El Green Tech Forum va a reunir a emprendedores, empresas consolidadas, pymes, inversores, gestores públicos y líderes empresariales en la ciudad de Málaga con el objetivo de examinar soluciones empresariales sostenibles que impacten de modo positivo en la sociedad y en la economía local, es decir, en el ecosistema de sostenibilidad e innovación de Málaga.

Using Social Incubation to Drive Local Innovation

Catalyzing solutions for local problems from within the community.

3 Books I’m Reading This Summer to Help Me Change The World

Social Entrepreneurship Program Leader Teresa Chahine shares her top picks.

Documentary: "Paradigm Shift"

The story of Mexican professors who are developing clean energy projects in alliance with rural communities, investors, and government.

Are Mexican Elementary Schools a Breeding Ground for Dengue fever?

Analyzing the effect of reducing transmission in elementary schools on the dengue epidemic in Colima, Mexico.

Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

This book will change the way you look at today’s world and what you do about it.

Beyond Good Intentions: Designing for Unintended Consequences

Chelsea Clinton moderates this panel featuring a solar cooker designed by our Program Leader for Rural Health and Renewable Energy.

The Story of A Solar Powered Stove

Designed with a nomadic Tibetan tribe in the Himalayas, now used in 60 countries around the world. Sometimes delivered via yak back.

12 Steps for Creating Social Change

How can we be ready to build a new venture aimed at creating positive change?

The New Double Bottom Line

By combining the characteristics of small and nimble organizations with those that have successfully scaled, can we have our impact and our numbers too?

Podcast: Social Entrepreneurship

Teresa Chahine talks about her book, Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship