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International Sustainable Tourism Initiative

Environmental Management of International Tourism Development

Learn how tourism impacts the environment, its growth models, and better understand the global management of tourism in the future.

Sustainable Tourism: Faculty Insight with Megan Epler Wood

What does sustainable tourism mean, and why is it important?

Megan Epler Wood on Radio Vermont

Megan explores how she decided to make ecotourism the focus of her career. 

Q&A Megan Epler Wood, Gran Maestra of Sustainable Tourism

What makes our Program Director for International Sustainable Tourism tick. 

Expert Q&A with Megan Epler Wood, Ecotourism Pioneer

Perspectives from our Director of International Sustainable Tourism.

Vermont PBS Connect... With Megan Epler Wood

A conversation about ecotourism.

What can the tourism sector do to deal with global pandemics?

What we should know to be prepared.

Gringo Trails: Making a Case for Change

Sustainable Tourism Director Megan Epler Wood offers advice for being a sustainable traveler.

How to Really Travel Greener

Here’s how to know what has a positive impact and what’s just wishful thinking.

Ecotourism on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico

Our Sustainable Tourism Director reflects on her speaking tour in the Yucatan.

The Decision in Montreal - Can Tourism Be Sustainable?

A closer look at air travel and sustainability.

Why Don’t We Ever Discuss The Carbon Impacts of Flying?

Flights over 1000 miles long are responsible for over 80 percent of the greenhouse gas impacts of air travel.

Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet: Behind the Scenes

Author talks about her new book.

Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet

Environmental, Business and Policy Solutions

What does 'sustainability' mean for tourism and growth?

And how will local economies support themselves while also providing for their guests?

Ecotourism is Not the Answer to Sustainable Tourism

What will happen to Colombia now that 1/3 of its biodiverse landscapes are opening up to tourism?