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Biodiversity and Human Health

A road map to environmental disaster in Alaska

Eric Chivian's letter to the editor, The Washington Post, August 16, 2010.

How Our Health Depends on Biodiversity

A summary of our award-winning book, Sustaining Life.

Human Health and the Environment: Environmental Panel

Dr. Eric Chivian discusses how human health and the environment are intertwined.

Real-life lessons in Hollywood's "Contagion"

This star-clad thriller has an important message about health and biodiversity.

Highstead Foundation Presents Sustaining Life

Dr. Eric Chivian on just how important preserving the planet truly is.

Sustaining Life: How Our Health Depends on Biodiversity

The most comprehensive book available on health and biodiversity.

Climate, Energy and Health

Mining Coal, Mounting Costs: The life cycle consequences of coal

Coals impacts cost US public over one-half a trillion dollars annually.

Full Cost Accounting for the Life Cycle of Coal

Life cycle impacts of coal cost the US public a third to over one half a trillion dollars annually.

The True Cost of Coal

Press conference with Dr. Paul Epstein on the financial strain caused by different phases of the coal cycle.

Ground Level Ozone and Your Health

A short report on the health implications of rising temperatures and ozone pollution.

Climate Change and Children's Health

Through many pathways, climate change represents a major threat to child health.

A Brain For All Seasons

Paul Epstein reviews William Calvin's book.

Healthy and Sustainable Food

An Orchard and A Passion: A Visit with Eric Chivian '68

Dr.Eric Chivian on his passion for healthy, sustainable food.

National Geographic Seafood Decision Guide

See how your seafood choices affect your health and ocean health.

Fish Out Of Water: Five Ocean Species We Are Eating to Death (Good Lifestyle)

Marine species succumb to unsustainable fishing.

The Harvard Community Garden

The student-run garden on Harvard campus is an experiential learning site for sustainable urban gardening.

Barton Seaver: Sustainable seafood? (TED)

Seafood is a healthier protein, but overfishing is harming our oceans.

Mark Bittman: What's wrong with what we eat (TED)

Mark Bittman weighs in on what's wrong with the way we eat.

Healthy Oceans

Once Upon a Tide

Once Upon a Tide is a fictional narrative on the importance of ocean conservation.

Once Upon a Tide - Take Away Guide (English)

Lists the various things that the oceans provide humans, and includes useful links for students to discover how they can help save the oceans.

Healthy Oceans, Healthy Humans

Narrated by Meryl Streep, this short explains the link between oceans and our health.

Oceans Under Threat

Marine scientist Nancy Knowlton on ocean acidification and challenges facing human health (9 min).

Creation Care

Richard Cizik and Eric Chivian on Creation Care

A scientist and an evangelical minister join forces to protect the environment.

Creation Care: An introduction for busy pastors

Introduction to "Creation Care" with resources to become better stewards of the environment.

Religion, Science and the Weakening Quest to Save Creation

David Gushee reflects on science, religion and the future of Earth.

Corporate Sustainability and Health (SHINE)

Social Sustainability in Trade and Development Policy

A life cycle approach to understanding and managing social risk attributable to production and consumption in the European Union. 

Webinar: NetPositive Sustainability

Explores the value of handprints and how they work in the context of life cycle assessment.

Building NetPositive Enterprises

How can individuals, organizations, and private businesses harness the power of doing more good than harm?

Women and Health: A Cause for Optimism

Rebeca Grynspan explores the UNDP's Sustainable Development Goals after 2015 and how it effects women and health.

Environmental Handprinting (Trim Tab)

It's what we give the the planet when we create change for the better. 

Bridging the Gap Between Health and Environmental Sustainability

How human health and the environment are wholly dependent on each other.

Nature, Health, & the Built Environment

Green Innovation in Asia's Sustainable Campus

Dr. John Spengler shares his thoughts on sustainable building features, occupant involvement, and innovations in Asia.

Climate Change, the Indoor Environment, and Health

The impact of climate change on indoor environments, affecting the health of those who live, work, study, or play in them.

Green Schools: Attributes for Health and Learning

The effects of green schools on student learning, teacher productivity, and student and teacher health.

UNSAFE: The Truth Behind Everyday Chemicals

How chemicals that surround us affect our health.

Moving Environmental Justice Indoors

The main drivers of indoor air quality in low income housing.

Environmental Conditions in Low-Income Urban Housing

Important findings related to the health of occupants in low income housing.

Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership

Put simply, we are in the wrong organizational vehicle for the 21st century.

Is there a clear path for a good idea to come from anywhere in your organization? If the answer is no, read this. 

Leith Sharp Interview with Chris Gyori of Unilever Food Solutions

Leith Sharp discusses the importance of a new focus on change leadership and core business integration of sustainability with Chris Gyori of Unilever.

4-days to free your mind, get connected & think powerfully

Get a taste of the experience of this program, the energy, the atmosphere and the impact on your own quality of learning.

How does the program advance sustainability leadership?

Participants share examples of why this program is such a great investment for any organization that is serious about sustainability, innovation, and organizational effectiveness.

Why do this particular program?

Senior leaders from diverse sectors share why they chose to invest their resources in attending this 4-day Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership program.

The Power of CBIS: Content, Ideas & Frameworks

Senior leaders and sustainability professionals discuss the unique power of the ideas, content and frameworks provided in this program. This is what they came for.

International Sustainable Tourism Initiative

Environmental Management of International Tourism Development

Learn how tourism impacts the environment, its growth models, and better understand the global management of tourism in the future.

Sustainable Tourism: Faculty Insight with Megan Epler Wood

What does sustainable tourism mean, and why is it important?

Megan Epler Wood on Radio Vermont

Megan explores how she decided to make ecotourism the focus of her career. 

Q&A Megan Epler Wood, Gran Maestra of Sustainable Tourism

What makes our Program Director for International Sustainable Tourism tick. 

Expert Q&A with Megan Epler Wood, Ecotourism Pioneer

Perspectives from our Director of International Sustainable Tourism.

Vermont PBS Connect... With Megan Epler Wood

A conversation about ecotourism.

Sustainable Technologies and Health

Fueling Financial Innovation in the Middle East (Stanford Social Innovation Review)

Diversifying financial tools for social ventures can go a long way in scaling and sustaining impact. 

Green Tech Forum

El Green Tech Forum va a reunir a emprendedores, empresas consolidadas, pymes, inversores, gestores públicos y líderes empresariales en la ciudad de Málaga con el objetivo de examinar soluciones empresariales sostenibles que impacten de modo positivo en la sociedad y en la economía local, es decir, en el ecosistema de sostenibilidad e innovación de Málaga.

Using Social Incubation to Drive Local Innovation

Catalyzing solutions for local problems from within the community.

3 Books I’m Reading This Summer to Help Me Change The World

Social Entrepreneurship Program Leader Teresa Chahine shares her top picks.

Documentary: "Paradigm Shift"

The story of Mexican professors who are developing clean energy projects in alliance with rural communities, investors, and government.

Are Mexican Elementary Schools a Breeding Ground for Dengue fever?

Analyzing the effect of reducing transmission in elementary schools on the dengue epidemic in Colima, Mexico.