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Megan Epler Wood on Radio Vermont


Megan Epler Wood joined Claudia Marshall, a veteran journalist, radio, and TV host who has worked for CBS News, ABC Radio, and NPR Music, on Radio Vermont to discuss the history of her career in sustainable tourism. 

In this interview, Megan explores how she decided to make ecotourism the focus of her career as a young staff person at World Wildlife Fund, how her field work in Colombia and Ecuador shaped her thinking on the legitimate contribution tourism makes to conservation and sustainable development, and how this led her to form The International Ecotourism Society in 1990. 

She discusses why she moved to Vermont, what she has learned from the policies of the state, and how she forged her career there as a social entrepreneur who has guided both non-profits and small businesses in over 30 countries to develop successful ecotourism enterprises with investments from global institutions. 

In the final part of the interview, Megan explains how her research and teaching at Harvard is now focused on assisting tourism industry leaders and policy makers to redesign systems for healthy tourism growth that benefit human health and the environment.

July 15, 2014