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Healthy Harvest: New England


This pocket- guide provides a quick reference detailing the types of fruits and vegetables available regionally each month in the New England area. A guide for the Mid-Atlantic is also available.

Eating sustainably-grown crops reduces the potential human health and environmental consequences of pesticides. The greater the distance food has to travel to the consumer, the greater the contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

Buying local food encourages farmers to diversify their crops. Diversity in the fields decreases vulnerability to pests, extreme weather, and disease. In addition, purchasing local food benefits your local economy.

This guide presents a broad average as availability dates  depend on climate variations in each part of the region. Some fruits and vegetables are highly  perishable and are available only during the period when they are harvested. However, there are others that store well, extending their availability beyond their harvest dates.

January 1, 2008