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Creation Care: An introduction for busy pastors


During the summer of 2008, Paul Epstein and staff from the Center worked with Pastor Ken Wilson of the Vineyard Church in Ann Arbor, MI to create and update these booklets. The inspiration for these booklets can be traced to the Scientists and Evangelicals Initiative's first meeting in Thomasville, Georgia.

Updates include revised content, a list of scientific readings, and the formation of a scientific advisory committee consisting of 17 top scientists who have volunteered to serve as a resource to pastors, answering questions and possibly participating in sermons.

Five thousand copies of the booklet were printed and sent out to evangelical pastors, along with a copy of the "What If..." DVD created by the NAE to provide evangelical background information on climate change, and a DVD of the PBS "God and Global Warming" program from the Scientist-Evangelical Alaska Expedition led by the Center in August 2007.

January 1, 2008