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Join business leaders from across industries to:

  • Hear how leading companies are innovating for net-positive environmental & social impact

  • Explore cutting-edge methodologies for footprint & “handprint” analysis

  • Discover pioneering strategies to drive employee health & well-being and enhance human capital

  • Engage with industry leaders & academic experts to unleash transformative change in sustainability & health

Who should attend

Business leaders from across divisions including (but not limited to):

  • Sustainability

  • Corporate citizenship

  • Philanthropy

  • Environment health & safety (EHS)

  • Operations

  • Communications

  • Human resources

  • Health and wellness

  • Occupational health

  • Product development

  • Supply chain

Also invited are leaders: 

  • From the responsible investment community

  • Working to bring on transformative change in sustainability

About the Summit

We are bringing together corporate leaders across disciplines, the investment community and experts from academia to share progress and explore the latest research in net-positive health and sustainability.  We will focus on trends in sustainability, corporate influence on public policy in driving sustainability forward, innovative strategies that place health and well-being at the center of a sustainable workplace, and how corporations are getting to “NetPositive impact" using novel methods for handprinting.

Download the SHINE Summit agenda (pdf) >>

Featured on 

The Head of the Sustainable Innovation Lab at Dassault Systèms writes about working with SHINE to measure handprints, and to convey his company's net impact.  

Read "Introducing handprinting: the good you do minus your footprint" >>


The Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (SHINE) at the Center for Health and the Global Environment (CHGE) enables corporate leaders to ensure—and document—that the health of people and the planet is better off because of their actions.

SHINE emphasizes the measurement of “handprints,” the beneficial impacts that result from company practices, including restoring the natural world, reducing harmful impacts on the environment and communities, and bettering the health and well-being of people.  “Handprints” apply to both operational practices and the ripple effects of a company’s products, services, and public policy influence. 

SHINE brings together leading corporations intent on paving a new path in sustainability that will lead to restoring the health of people and the planet. Working with each other and with Harvard faculty and affiliates, members of SHINE join together to refine the metrics and methods for achieving net-positive sustainability, while also exploring the organizational challenges and the business opportunities for successfully designing, adopting and implementing a net-positive sustainability strategy.

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