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Healthy and Sustainable Food

Healthy and Sustainable Food

“What we can assume with some degree of certainty is that if we continue to limit the scope of our attention to producing a lot of ‘cheap food’, without attending to all the other components that make up our human and ecological health, then there will be little likelihood that we will achieve the goal of being healthy ourselves.”

Frederick Kirschenmann, Ph.D.
Distinguished Fellow, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Iowa State University

To understand how our food choices impact our own health and the health of the planet, consider the following:

  • Our planet is in jeopardy because of the way we grow and catch our food.
  • Making informed decisions about our food can benefit our planet and our health.
  • Food has a long trail from source to plate-the shorter the trail, the better.
  • There are some people who are creating new, innovative ways to grow and catch food and distribute it more efficiently (CSA’s, CSFs, Market, Co-ops, new farm efficiencies)
  • Eating fish lower on the food chain is better for your health and the ocean.
  • We are polluting fish through our energy practices.
  • A diverse range of food with lots of different kinds of produce is important for a healthy diet.
  • Growing food is easy and fun!
Classroom Connection

CHGE Education lessons and associated materials are created by our team of content developers, expert teachers, and resources created by others that we highly recommend. 

Explore the sustainable food resources in this section to find hands-on, classroom tested, standards based resources which include topics such as:

  • food transport and energy expenditure
  • food systems
  • organic vs. sustainable agriculture
  • food desserts
  • overfishing
  • marine food chains
  • marine pollution and ocean ecosystems