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Lesson Plans & Activities

Lesson Plans & Activities
Medicines from Nature: Exploring Biodiversity and Human Health

Students explore the medical implications of species extinction and loss of biological diversity.

Healthy Harvests: L1: Where Does Food Come From?

Students learn the many processes involved in producing our food.

Healthy Harvests: L2: Where Does Our Food Come From? Exploring the Case of Chocolate

Students explore the supply chain of chocolate.

Healthy Harvests: L3: Where Does Our Food Come from? Exploring our Meals

Students learn about the production and transportation of food items.

Healthy Harvests: L4: What Is The Food Supply Chain

Students learn in detail about how food from a farm ends on their table.

Healthy Harvests: L5: Taking Stock and How do Food Supply Chains Depend on the Environment?

Students learn that food production depends heavily on the natural environment.

Healthy Harvests: L6: How Do Our Meals Impact the Environment?

Students learn how the food we eat has impacts on the natural environment; some like hamburgers have large impacts.

Earth's Changing Climate

This lesson explores the causes and effects of rising CO2 on climate change.

Tide Unit 1: L1: Getting Aquainted with the Ocean, Part 1

Using the short film Once Upon a Tide, learn what might happen if the ocean disappeared.

Tide Unit 1: L2: Getting Acquainted With The Ocean, Part 2

Learn about the ocean, and the marine creatures that call it home.

Tide Unit 1: L3: The Ocean and the Climate

Learn what would happen if ocean currents are disrupted.

Tide Unit 1: L4: The Ocean and the Water Cycle

Learn about the water cycle, and how humans benefit from it.

Tide Unit 1: L5: The Ocean, the Water Cycle and Our Everyday Lives

Students learn how the water cycle impacts agriculture

Tide Unit 1: L6: The Ocean, Food and The Supply of Food

The ocean provides us with food, and also helps generate jobs for people involved in fishing, marketing and transporting these products.

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