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Corporate Sustainability and Health (SHINE)



The Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (SHINE) helps corporations across all sectors measure and accelerate the ways in which they help the world become a healthier, more sustainable place. We are setting a bold vision for companies to factor their impact on our health into all business decisions, and act in ways that will protect us and our planet. 

While companies often work ambitiously toward reducing the amount of harm that they do—for example, by reducing their carbon footprint—we pay equal attention to how a company can also make positive contributions to our environment and health—for example, by creating potable water as the byproduct of a factory process. Turning our efforts toward creating positive impacts presents limitless opportunities to improve our lives, the environment, and the sustainability of corporations themselves.

SHINE is working to define important metrics and measure how a corporation improves:

  1. Our environment;
  2. The health of the general public; and
  3. The lives of the corporations’ employees, families, and communities in which they do business.

The SHINE Vision for NetPositive Enterprise

When a company’s positive impact, as measured by their “handprint,” is greater than their negative impact, as measured by their “footprint,” the company becomes a NetPositive Enterprise. Measuring positive business impacts will improve the health of people, planet, and enterprise by:

  • Empowering businesses and their stakeholders to identify priorities, leverage points, and hot spots: Cutting-edge life cycle assessment involves identifying all the ways in which a corporation can reduce its footprint. Growing a handprint works the same way—and corporate leaders can reap the same benefits of using resources more efficiently and effectively. 
  • Managing through measurement: Applying a rigorous framework to sustainability reporting enables businesses to compare their shrinking footprint with their growing handprint, and manage for NetPositive sustainability on a growing set of impact dimensions.
  • Engaging more of the business in sustainability: Tapping, rewarding, and stimulating more success from divisions whose work already addresses employee health, community health, operational, or supply chain efficiency will lead to faster change on a much greater scale.
  • Aligning sustainability with core business goals: By embracing sustainability as a core business principle, corporate leaders pave the way to business innovation and customer loyalty, and put into place a powerful approach to managing reputational risk. Considering all business decisions through the lens of sustainability helps solidify the brand as a global corporate citizen.
  • Transforming sustainability into the pursuit of boundless opportunity: With handprinting, unwanted impacts anywhere on earth are fair game for creative entrepreneurship. 

Photo by Liuser | iStockphoto