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Kathleen Frith

Kathleen Frith Kathleen Frith  M.S.
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What does working with the Center mean to you?

The Center's work provides a solid foundation for the direct connection between changes in our environment and our health. For me, that link is critical to helping people understand how our current conventional food system is unhealthy and to strive toward a model that will not only ensure the protection of the natural world, but build health for generations to come.


Kathleen Frith is President of Glynwood, a nonprofit working to strengthen the regional food system throughout the Hudson Valley. Prior to joining Glynwood in 2012, Kathleen was the Managing Director of the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School, where she helped shape the Center’s programs to educate people about the links between human health, food systems, the ocean, and the environment. While at Harvard, Kathleen started the Harvard Community Garden, the University’s first garden dedicated solely to the production of food, and produced the award-winning film Once Upon a Tide on the importance of ocean conservation.

In addition to her leadership position at Glynwood, Kathleen currently serves as Director for the Pleiades Network, an organization she founded to advance women’s leadership in creating a more sustainable world. She has authored numerous reports and publications and acts as an advisor to various environmental and community organizations, including the Ocean Foundation, Oxfam, and the Mayor’s Council on Food in Boston. Kathleen also serves on both Congressman Maloney’s Agricultural Advisory Board, as well as Senator Gillibrand’s Agricultural Working Group. Originally from California, Kathleen studied marine biology and received a master’s degree in science journalism from Boston University.