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What We Do

Solar panels


Our goal is to train investors, entrepreneurs, government officials, and the academic community to create a balanced community where jobs are created while protecting our global environment and human health. To this end, we:

  • Help communities assess the maturity of their innovation and sustainability ecosystems in order to identify areas of opportunity for development. This process determines the most effective public policies and incentives to foster the development of high tech startups.

  • Train business professionals, government officials, faculty, and entrepreneurs working in governments, corporations, financial institutions, startups, universities, business incubators, and business accelerators in identifying and assessing the sustainability potential and the multiplier effect of any business idea.

  • Support investors in managing risk effectively so they may finance startups related to medicine, environmental protection, and clean technologies, while also increasing their chances of maximizing economic and social returns when compared to “conventional” investments.

  • Assist in transferring knowledge, technologies, and the best global sustainability practices to decrease regional vulnerability and increase resiliency to climate change and extreme weather events such as hurricanes, flooding, and drought. This process can create new business opportunities and improve competitiveness for sustainable and technological startups.

Photo by Wikimedia | USAF | 070731-F-8831R-00