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What We Do

Installing solar panels


Understanding the connections between our energy choices, climate change, and human health is essential to fostering healthy solutions for a sustainable future. The Center’s Climate, Energy, and Health program provides research that empowers policymakers, industry representatives, community leaders, physicians, educators, and students to make decisions that will support our health and the health of our planet.

To this end, we:

  • Conduct impact assessments that provide an accounting for extracting, processing, transporting, and burning fossil fuels. In our assessments, we consider economic, health, and environmental impacts.
  • Convene thought leaders from across disciplines to discover strategies for monitoring exposures related to energy production and consumption.
  • Create research-based publications on the most pressing issues in climate and health.
  • Design curricula for scholars of all ages and levels. Our courses explore global environmental changes by examining their causes and health consequences, and engaging students in thinking about solutions. 

Photo by Elenathewise | iStockphoto