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SHINE Summit


The 2017 SHINE Summit took place June 13-14, 2017 in Boston, MA.

Senior thought leaders and business innovators convened at the SHINE Summit to strengthen the connections between corporate sustainability and well-being, broaden the ways of thinking about NetPositive business, and explore approaches for measuring impacts.

We learned from Harvard scientists who shared bold ideas and cutting-edge research. We heard from corporate leaders who embraced innovative thinking to successfully transform their companies. We gained insight, inspiration, and concrete tools to move all organizations forward.

SHINE Summit 2017 Recap on Storify

Check out the recap of SHINE Summit 2017 on Storify, through the eyes of our attendees. 

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The SHINE Summit Video

Attendees talk about why the SHINE Summit is indispensable to their work in corporate sustainability and health.

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SHINE Summit 2015 Summary Report

This report provides a summary of the ideas, research, and accomplishments thus far in our journey to help organizations measure their positive impact in health and the environment.

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The SHINE Summit brings together corporate leaders who operate at the intersections of health, sustainability, human resources, health and safety, and operations, as well as experts from academia and NGOs.

Our sessions and conversations focused on trends in sustainability, corporate influence on public policy in driving sustainability forward, innovative strategies that place health and well-being at the center of a sustainable workplace, and how corporations are working toward NetPositive environmental, social, and health impacts by applying the SHINE Handprinting methodology and the Well-being Index tool.