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SHINE Membership Details


SHINE presents an unprecedented opportunity to join a community of industry thought leaders and experts from across Harvard who, together, have the potential to advance ideas and practices in corporate sustainability and workplace health.

Member companies participate in defining sustainability and health metrics, gathering data, and analyzing impact.

In addition to having the exclusive opportunity to work closely with SHINE experts and some of the greatest minds in corporate sustainability and health across industries, SHINE member companies present their projects at the Annual SHINE Summit.

Annual SHINE Summit

The annual SHINE Summit convenes leading scientists and academics with business leaders to discuss the latest research in sustainability and health, and to develop, access, and share new models to further the positive impact on our communities and the environment.

SHINE member companies are invited to this premier event on Harvard’s campus each year. Designed to promote an exchange of ideas as we strive towards NetPositive sustainability, the summit includes expert presentations and discussions on pressing issues in sustainability and health. The summit focuses on trends that may affect business operations and development, innovative business strategies related to sustainability and health, and how corporations are are working toward NetPositive environmental, social, and health impacts by applying the SHINE Handprinting methodology and the Well-being Index tool.

The summit provides ample time for hands-on engagement with fellow attendees in order to build a strong community and promote networking and collaboration.  

Save the date:  The next SHINE Summit will convene on June 13-14, 2017.

2017 SHINE Summit:
Rethinking the Way We Do Business

Learn from world-changing thinkers and innovators in the health and sustainability community. Join leading scientists, academics, and business leaders to leverage the latest research in sustainability and health.

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Learn about past SHINE Summit events:

Benefits of SHINE Membership

Working toward a common goal ensures that our targets are clear; we maximize our collective skills, assets, and resources; our indicators of impact are strong; and we protect individual company data. At the same time, belonging to a highly committed community will energize our motivation and creativity as we strive to achieve NetPositive impact within our individual corporations.  

Companies that choose to be part of this shared commitment agree to develop a NetPositive strategy and to contribute data about the company’s environmental and human health impacts throughout the supply chain.  We will share our progress toward NetPositive at the SHINE Summit.

Scaling impact through the SHINE Network offers several advantages:

  • Learning and support.  Companies gain substantive support from SHINE experts and from other SHINE member companies as they take action and share what they’ve learned as a result.
  • Shaping standards. Because SHINE member companies help generate the data and models we will use for analysis and reporting, and because we will use what we’ve learned to inform the development of field-wide standards for reporting on positive sustainability and health impacts, SHINE member companies have the opportunity to shape the metrics and standards that will be adopted field-wide.
  • Motivation. Shared goals—and tracking progress towards these goals—create an incentive to continue striving for excellence and impact. 
  • Sustainability reporting. The process of data collection and analysis provides structure, insight, and results for a company’s own internal sustainability reporting.

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