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Our Vision

Geothermal Power Plant

Our aim is to train investors, entrepreneurs, government officials, and academics to create a balanced community with businesses that create jobs while protecting our global environment and human health. 

By doing so, we are working to create a future in which:

  • Entrepreneurs with good business ideas in sustainability and health are not limited by funding or bureaucratic issues.
  • Investors embrace opportunities to fund innovative startups that will protect our health and the environment.
  • Public policies will support the development of sustainable high-tech startups through incentive programs.
  • Professionals working in governments, corporations, financial institutions and non-governmental organizations will always consider health and environmental effects when making decisions about their operations.
  • Whole communities will participate in creating healthy innovation and sustainability ecosystems, which will provide regional social and economic development while also solving environmental and health problems. 

Photo by Wikimedia | Asgeir Eggertsson | CC-BY-SA-3.0