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Our Vision

Crown Tree Walk in Singapore


Now, more than ever, we must construct our cities to support our health and the health of our planet, and we must design our urban natural spaces to keep our vital connection to nature alive.

We can do this by using sustainable building materials, designs, and techniques; promoting city and building designs that encourage healthy behaviors, such as walking and climbing stairs; and by using what we know about how nature improves our health to design urban parks that deliver both health benefits and critical ecological services in the face of climate change.

To this end, the Center is working to create a future in which:

  • Decision makers and city residents understand the importance of urban natural areas to our environment and our health. 

  • Health becomes a more prominent lens through which policymakers, public health officials, architects, urban planners, and landscape designers make decisions about how to plan, construct and manage our cities, buildings, and natural park areas.

  • Populations become healthier through stakeholders’ decisions to use sustainable, health-promoting materials and designs.

  • Urban residents gain easy and daily access to nature through city and building designs that prioritize exposure to natural elements. This exposure nurtures a lifelong sense of environmental stewardship that lies at the core of the Center’s mission to understand and respect the connection between human and environmental health.

Photo by justhavealook | iStockphoto