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Meet the Team

Wind turbines

Program Director

Ramon Sanchez Sc.D.

Director, Sustainable Technologies and Health


Program Team

Nicole Bellisle

Program Coordinator,
Sustainable Business Development


Oliver Mendoza-Cano Ph.D.

Visiting Scientist      


Memo Cedeño Laurent Sc.D.

Program Leader, Energy Efficiency and Carbon Mitigation Technologies


Teresa Chahine Sc.D.

Program Leader,
Social Entrepreneurship                             


Catlin Powers Sc.D.

Program Leader,
Rural Health and Renewable Energy            


Program Advisors

Ben Powell

Founder and CEO, Agora Partnerships            

Ben Powell is the Founder and CEO of Agora Partnerships, a leading accelerator for early stage companies solving social and environmental problems in Latin America. Ben became convinced of the power of entrepreneurship to transform marginalized communities while working in Mexico, where he co-founded CityGolf: Puebla. Since founding Agora in 2005, he has been professionally focused on building innovation ecosystems that foster trust and collaboration in order to increase the flow of capital to entrepreneurs working to accelerate the shift to a more sustainable and inclusive economy.

Program Interns

Inhye Baik, ScM

Program Intern,
Social Entrepreneurship                                        

Inhye is a psychiatric epidemiologist who graduated from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Johns Hopkins University. As a native of Seoul, Korea, and rural Virginia, she focuses on bridging epidemiology to implementation science by comparing and adapting existing treatments for, and evaluations of, youth mental health in low-resourced settings.

Shannon Milroy MA, MSc

Program Intern,
Social Entrepreneurship                                        

Shannon is a health economist from Canada who trained at the University of british Columbia and the harvard School of Public Health. She is a co-founder of YBank, a social enterprise working to increase investments in adolescent health through research and innovative financing. Her work focuses on developing innovative funding models from chronic diseases.